Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm too tired to do anything but post pictures. The blonde in the photo with little Andrew will be p-o-ed that I posted her photo but I don't think it's too bad. Little Andrew will be one and a half in less than a month.

I think I must have lost my audience after not posting anything in however long. Thank you for reading this if that's what you're doing. Join me in waving farewell to Mr. Agassi, who lost today to Benjamin Becker.



Anonymous Rae Cobbs said...

The blonde guy on the couch is Andrew (Why do I think of Hurricane Andrew?), my grandson. He was in the hospital last night, getting a chest exray for a chronic lung condition. It is so hard to keep kids healthy here, with daycare and stresses like moving and smoking and Ohio Valley Crud; imagine the version of our lives played out in a war zone. My love and concern to Andrew and his folks--hoping I can help in some way. My love also to his honorary grannie, Harriet, and to the people all over this world trying to do their best today, just to keep the peace and protect these precious innocents. Rae

1:58 AM  

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