Monday, September 04, 2006

Dylan and Lee, Two Important Voices

I'm listening to a blues tribute to Dylan, not new, having just read Rolling Stone's feature article on the new album, Modern Times. I may veer close to believing Dylan is our most important musician, rather than erring on tbe side of "one of the most important." There are many who have characterized him as a "jerk" or even an "asshole." And the hoardes of friends and relatives who won't listen to him because of his voice; well, I just think about David Bowie's description of his voice as "sandpaper and glue," and I'm OK with it. Now, I can't hang with Tom Waits--his voice sounds to me like an unhealthy automobile engine. They say Waits is a great lyricist like Dylan, but I can't listen so I don't know.

It's Labor Day and I ain't workin' on Maggie's farm. I've got a box of Parmesan and Garlic Cheez-its and a glass of cherry juice, my new diet. If you haven't seen Spike Lee's documentary on Katrina, it's required viewing for everybody. Right now you get it on demand from HBO, but it will most likely be shown again and come out for purchase or rental on DVDs. Yeah, it's four hours long and that's a lot to devote to tube-gawking on one evening.

I want to hurl these Cheez-its out the window.



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