Friday, October 06, 2006

Acceptance is the key

God grant me the serenity...

What do I know, anyway???

So tonight it's all about Buddy the Cat, who wants to climb down into the hole in the floor and do whatever secret kitty-kat things kitty-kats do in holes in the floor (three guesses).

Have I lost the ability to
  • string ten or twelve jokes together in a poor imitation of a bad comic???
  • forget about the purple elephant in my living room???
  • focus exclusively on myself to the extent that the NEWS is a matter of complete indifference???
  • apologize to my friends for apologizing for my most recent apology???
  • differentiate between myself and that Greek guy with the beard who called himself a gadfly???
  • blog about poetry???

Oh yeah, once upon a time these blogs were to be about poetry. I remember writing about Dickinson and Plath. Those were the good old days. What's different now???



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