Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Headache After a Long Night

Well, friends, whoever is out there, George W. Bush and Condi and I hashed it out
over Camel No. 9's in the pink pack and Dead Guy Ales. Turns out the big terrorists
are not Osama bin Laden et al but instead it was an inside job--inside America, that
is. The Masterminds of the 9/11 and 3/11 attacks as well as Pan Am Flight 103,
for anyone that is interested, is a couple that includes my high school buddy
Nancy Jo Sales (see www.nancyjosales.com) and her husband Frank Morales
and their adopted son, who shot a few people at VA Tech a few weeks ago.
Nancy and Alex (his real name) intended to kill the Pope and Jesus Christ among
other targets. Mr. Bush assured me that the website with Nancy's "Rosebuds"
blog is under FBI surveillance and a warrant has been issued for the arrest
of Nancy Jo Sales (BA Yale University 1986, summa cum laude, MFA Columbia U.)
and her husband Alexander McCullough, who had his name legally changed
to Frank Morales after the couple's long bitter divorce between 1992 and 1994.
George W. Bush will not slide back into alcoholism because of last night's "slip"--
he decided it would be better to sip Dead Guy Ale than be a dead guy.
There was a plot against his life as well.

The ramifications of all this are huge, of course. Number One is that George
Bush, President of the USA, has authorized me, Harriet O. Leach, acting
CIA director, that the troops will begin returning home from Iraq and
Afghanistan on 25 May of THIS YEAR. I had demanded that they start
returning TODAY and some military personnel will be shipping home

George W. Bush, the jolly rancher, is a rock 'n roll singer, who goes by
the name Don Henley, if that means anything to anybody. He has been
in love with me at least since I was 13. I refuse his hand in marriage,
because he killed Saddam, and because I am happy with Rae.
On the other hand, if the Celtic ring I wear yokes me to George forever,
I will say I do. For I am heterosexual, through and through.

I am also gay. Does that seem strange? Who's not gay? I'm sorry if they're not.
I'm sorry for anyone who is not gay. Gay marriage? Laura Bush says, well, OK.
After all, she has lesbian feelings for Harriet, which she has written in her
private diary.

Now, another thing I have been authorized to announce to the small group of
friends who may occasionally glance at the blog, is that Condi is running for
President in 2008 and I've agreed to be her running mate.

I'm not 43 but 45 years old. I was born 13 August, 1961, with my sister Karin
at a hospital in East Berlin.

with love,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Harriet O. Leach, almost 8 years later. I am sorry about this blog post--some of it is real, and some delusional. I am not even 100% able at the point to distinguish between the two, but some of it is obvious. Frank Morales and Alex McCullough are not the same person, but Alex has slipped under the radar; the only info I could find recently about him is a LinkedIn profile dated 2008. I think he went into big business, he may have changed his name, so that Alex, who was once way into internet chat rooms and email but has never had a presence on Facebook. I am imagining that I am giving information that the FBI could use, if they ever looked into this. Why do I think Nancy Jo Sales was involved? It was on her website, nancyjosales.com, that I first learned there might have been a conspiracy involving Americans. I found it quite shocking, and didn't want to know any more about it. 9/11 came as a total shock to me. I was flabbergasted that George W. Bush, when the camera zoomed in on him while he was reading a book about goats to some elementary school children, did not look shocked at all. if I were president and I suddenly learned that something like this had happened, I don't know what I would do, but I wouldn't just sit there. I do not possess any actual evidence that there was a conspiracy that involved the Bushes or Nancy Jo Sales or Alex of Frank, and let me say this, that Nancy Jo Sales manipulated her way into being my best friend during my last semester at Phillips Exeter Academy and was constantly comparing me to Woody Allen, with who she had a relationship when she was 13 years old, prompting ALlen to make the movie Manhattan, putting a sugary spin on his pedophilia. Nancy wrote an article called "Woody and Me" for New York Magazine, at one point. I notice that her website has been taken down--she may have a presence on Twitter, but I haven't noticed anything on Facebook (I never friended her, but for a while I would occasionally see her comments on threads of other Exeter friends. Nancy is a highly intelligent highly manipulative person. I won't say anymore now, but I wanted to comment so anyone looking at this blog would realize that it was written when I was having a psychotic episode, which I have occasionally had since 1983. I pray to God that Nancy, Frank, Alex, and George W. Bush, are innocent and were not involved in any plot, but if they were I certainly think they should be brought to justice. Please, forgive me for jumping to conclusions, but I believe that 9/11 was God's will, and anyone involved was merely doing God's will. It's just like when Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss leading up to his crucifixion, this was God's will, but Judas still felt abosolutely terrible about it and hung himself, and Catholics portray him as a villian, when he was and actor in a play whose part had been written by God. I am not God, I am not Jesus Christ, I am "merely" Mary of Magadala in a past life. The doings of God are often obscure to me. A terrorist attack on the US had been my worst fear, and that Tuesday morning my Worst Fears materialized. I even wrote in my journal: "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood--terrorist attack, my worst fears realized." I believe now that 9/11 was something that HAD to happen, for the world to progress from the past to the future; I do not believe there will ever be another such attack on American soil. It's kind of like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: once was sufficient. The terrorists, including Bin Laden who was Muhammad who was Satan, did succeed in bringing America to its knees/

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so apparently nobody has read this and nobody new has commented. I am posting as anonymous because I can't get into my account. I am posting again: I am very very sorry to have mentioned someone by name as if they might be connected with 9/11--I was quite delusional at the time. But perhaps no one out there even cares anyway. I am currently being ignored and shunned due to the perception of people that I am mentally ill. God knows I am not, Jesus Christ knows I am not, the Holy Spirit knows that I am not. Rae Cobbs my wife knows that I am not. If everyone else wants to ignore me and wish I would shut up, so be it. but I will never stop loving each and every one of you, and I forgive you ALL in advance. Amen.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Osama bin Laden was (he is absolutely dead and gone, his soul obliterated) NOT NOT NOT Muhammad, for Muhammad is the excellent man known most in this country for his music, the former Cat Stevens, current and forever YUSUF ISLAM.

I am MOST CERTAINLY not Jesus Christ, whom I met and got engaged to tonight (Heine Bros. Coffee, Louisville, KY)

Nancy Jo Sales is the ONLY person involved in these terrorist conspiracies that REALLY DESERVES punishment, as she bullied everyone else. She is SATAN, plain and simple. Will Jesus Christ ever forgive her? Will Father God Baba Serikali forgive her?

I had forgiven her, but today... she attempted to manipulate me to be her lover. UGH. SHIT. YUCK. GRODY POTATOES.

I gave Louisville atty. Keith Kamenish the names of four Pan Am 103 conspirators in May, 2004. He will be the Chief Prosecutor in all trials. I will serve in any capacity I'm asked to by Keith.

The other names are: Ellen Koehler Kiley, Adam Kiley, Polly Koehler, the late Claiborne Pell, and Melissa Brown. These are the ones I personally know. Oh yeah and Woody Allen, whom, lucky for me, I've never met.

To President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, and Dick Cheney: thank you so much for dealing with my dad. He will not need to go to Alcatraz. He will not harm anyone. He can stay put on Wise Ave. to be a wildly successful writer in the flowering of his codger-dom. I love him very much! Signed, Harriet O Windsor, 1 October, 2015

11:08 PM  

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